Thank you, for your support, however this decision was not made lightly.  This is a difficult time for us and we have made this decision based on facts, not known to the staff or public.  Many times in business the public perception is one that is led by staff and gossip.  The Port of Wichita and the building is and was a huge expense to maintain. There was not an issue with the taxes or licensing as suggested by an employee so irresponsibly.  While it seems callus and irresponsible of us to just close without notice, we assure you this was not an easy decision.  Many local and individually owned businesses are unable to recoup the cost of large losses.  Many people working in the local sector do not realize the effect of their actions, as it can devastate an owner who is already sacrificing to maintain their employees ability to earn.  We truly apologize for any inconvenience that this closing may have caused and we hope you all well in the future.  God Bless---